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Things I love: café culture, coffee, Asian food, films, books, hiking, travelling, writing, vine compilations, a healthy debate, dismantling the patriarchy.

Jessica, a wandering redhead from England.

At home in the U.K I am a content creator and marketing specialist by trade. I have a degree in English with Creative Writing from the University of Birmingham and have worked in publishing, advertising and media. I bravely quit my job in 2019 to travel around the world on my own. I began in Mexico and explored the lengths of Central and South America, Asia and now New Zealand, where I’m trying to find my own version of normal in the midst of COVID. On my blog you will find travel tips, stories and little bits of me and who I am. I love travelling solo as a woman and I hope to inspire others to do the same. If you wish to connect creatively, please email me at the link provided.

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