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Welcome to the travel blog of a wandering redhead.

Hi, I’m Jess. Previously a marketing specialist and content writer in the U.- I quit my job to travel the world solo in March 2019 and I am still on the road; learning, living and growing. I am currently based in New Zealand. Here is my story.

10 trips to take in your 20s

Travelling the world certainly doesn’t come with an age limit, however your 20s really are the perfect time to get out there – it’s the decade where you have the least amount of responsibility and most amount of freedom. Plus they’re the years where you’re willing to sacrifice comfort for the challenges and adventures that … Continue reading “10 trips to take in your 20s”


The art of eating alone: me, myself and a bowl of ramen

I looked down at the bowl, positioning the chopsticks between my fingers and stirring the ramen around and around in a clockwise motion in the hopes of distracting myself a little longer. The restaurant was local and small with single pane windows to the outside that revealed it was raining heavily, the daylight fading with … Continue reading “The art of eating alone: me, myself and a bowl of ramen”

why women travel alone

Travelling alone around the world (regardless of your age or gender) is a hugely brave and life-defining thing to do. It takes an obscene amount of courage and every individual journey is as wonderful as it is challenging. However the very act of travelling alone holds much more weight for women because the dangers of … Continue reading “why women travel alone”

A year on the road: everything I’ve learned from travelling the world solo

A little over a year ago I began travelling around the world alone. I quit my comfortable job, said goodbye to family and friends and boarded a one-way flight to Mexico with nothing but a 18kg backpack as my companion and only myself to depend on. I was nothing if not terrified. I had planned … Continue reading “A year on the road: everything I’ve learned from travelling the world solo”

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